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NICHED Professional Development

Positive Mental Health and Well-being

NICHED is committed to supporting each child's emotional and mental health development, learning and well-being within the contexts of their education, family, and community settings, and their specific cultural and societal environments. Each child needs to be supported by effective practitioners, so they can achieve the best in life.

Professional Practitioner

NICHED Professional Practitioners engage children,adolescents and their families in cycles of positive behavioural changes, supporting self-esteem, emotional intelligence and positive learning dispositions. NICHED Professional Practitioners work actively to promote the learning and development of children in their care and education. Professional Practitioners are fully trained in supporting children's personal, social and emotional development, using key developmental and psychological theories and models of professional practice. NICHED Professional Practitioners understand the psychological and therapeutic benefits of play, and with their expertise in educational and developmental psychology are effective in supporting each child's individual needs.

Applied Psychologies

Further specialist training and professional development is available for experienced education, health and social care professionals to train in the discipline of Applied Psychologies within professional settings. The Applied Psychologies programme is delivered in partnership in clinical, educational, health and social care settings.

Participants undertake specialist Applied Psychologies research projects to support children and adolescents to overcome barriers to their positive mental health and well-being within the socio-ecological contexts they are part of. Research areas may include: ADHD, anxiety disorders, attachment disorders, autistic spectrum conditions and other pervasive developmental delays, child protection and safeguarding, post traumatic stress, childhood illness and trauma, communication disorders, conduct disorders, and family systems treatments.

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Continuing Professional Development to Support Children's Well-being

A structured programme of Continuing Professional Development supports each NICHED student to develop their postgraduate level critical reflection and research expertise through regular supervision and support. NICHED students develop their research specialisms and expertise within professional practice settings, to ensure the best professional support for each child's individual mental health and well-being needs.

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