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Distance Learning

At the National Institute of Childcare and Education we use Active Learning, NICHED Professional Workshops are also available as an extra academic resource, and you are further supported by your own NICHED Personal Tutor. Active Learning means learning while you spend time with the children you care for, so that you can offer the best possible support for their development and learning. Case studies and regular supervision give you the confidence to apply your theoretical knowledge within a practical and supported framework, also ensuring your professional development and expertise.

Our Study Centre introduces you to theory and professional methods in interesting and varied ways - you can then use your new knowledge within your professional setting. Your NICHED Personal Tutor will help you reflect on your practice and experiences within theoretical & professional frameworks.

Our online courses are delivered through a fully supported interactive environment. The courses are taught using a mixture of learning methods. These include different exercises to help you build on your Active Learning experience. There are practical activities and case studies to be used in your professional environment, and "real time" access to your course tutor.

Flexible learning at your own pace with specialist tutor support has been shown to be one of the most effective ways of gaining new qualifications.

"Real Time" Tutor Support

Your NICHED Personal Tutor links with you each month to teach you within the "real time" study framework, on a one-to-one basis, through our interactive teaching environment.You have regular email contact with your NICHED Personal Tutor each week, to make certain you are fully supported in your studies. Regular NICHED Professional Workshops and Professional Seminars run throughout the year as a further academic resource for students - these run at weekends in selected venues across the UK.

"Real Time" study and NICHED Professional Workshops have been shown to help students keep on track with their studies, to be motivated and supported, so that students successfully complete the qualifications with us.

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