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The National Institute of Childcare and Education supports the personal and professional development of ALL individuals involved in health, social care, childcare and education. By providing you with high quality training and information, you are able to offer more effective support to children in your care, thereby raising the standards in the professional environment that you are involved in.

We offer a structured pathway of professional qualifications to support your personal and professional development. Please note, the professional practitioner programme entry level is a degree in a related subject area, and students must be working in a relevant professional setting. Through the "active learning" process that NICHED uses, students combine theory with detailed case studies and clinical supervision via their personal tutor, developing a whole new set of professional skills.

To become a Professional Practitioner with NICHED you must complete all five levels of the Professional Practitioner Programme, specialising in your chosen research field. These five levels are:

NICHED Foundation

All students must begin with this course. Students complete all 5 courses including:

> Early Years Education & Professionalism
> Current Issues & Public Policy
> Contemporary Issues on Children & Families
> Introduction to Early Years Quality Audits & Evaluation
> Psychology of Play

Fees : £2250

NICHED Diploma.

Students complete the following courses:

> Foundations of Child Development
> Foundations of Psychology
> Foundations of Child Psychology
> Theories applied to Teaching & Learning
> Educare
> Quality Play: Pedagogy & Effective Practice
> Learning Environments
> Supporting Children's Personal,Social and Emotional Development
> Supporting Children's Communication, Language and Literacy Development
> Supporting Children's Knowledge and Understanding of the World
> Supporting Children's Mathematical Development
> Supporting Children's Creativity
> Supporting Children's Physical Development
> SEAD & SEAL: Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning

Fees : £2250

NICHED Intermediate Certificate

Students complete the following courses:

> Observing & Assessing Young Children
> Early Years Learning & Development: 0 to 3 years
> Early Years Learning & Development: 3 to 5 years
> Young Children's Learning & Development: 5 to 7 years
> Children's Learning & Development: 7 to 9 years
> Children's Learning & Development: 9 to 12 years
> Development & Learning Pathways: from early Adolescence to Young Adulthood
> Early Years Settings & Provision
> Reception Class Settings & Provision
> Primary School Settings & Provision
> Secondary School Settings & Provision

Fees : £2250

NICHED Advanced Certificate

Students complete the following courses:

> Supporting & Promoting Young Children's Well Being
> Promoting Positive Behaviour
> Inclusive Practice
> Exceptional Development
> An introduction to Educational Psychology
> Parents, Families & Community
> Understanding Children's Behaviour
> Individual Differences
> Everyday Practice Issues with vulnerable children: promoting resilience & overcoming adversity
> Everyday Practice Issues with vulnerable carers/parents: promoting resilience & overcoming adversity
> Everyday Practice Issues: working within an ecological sytems framework & multi-dimensional approach
> Supporting Exceptional Child Development
> Quality Audit & Research:Assessing Quality Play

Fees : £2250

Professional Practitioner

Students complete all the courses shown below, then choose to specialise further in three chosen research projects that interest the student & that are based within their professional setting.

Students complete each of the following courses:
> Curriculum, Training and Professionalism
> Planning, Supporting & Leading Effective Practice
> Promoting Quality, Raising Standards & Mentoring within your Practice Setting
> Teamwork & Collaboration
> Pedagogy, Practice & Professional Audit
> Primary Curriculum: Pedagogy, Practice & Professional Audit
> Secondary Curriculum: Practice & Professional Audit
> Supporting children's development and learning through SCHEMA and Metacognition
> Child Protection and professional code of practice
> Understanding the Common Assessment Framework & linking with other professionals
> The Core Professionals: Understanding the roles & responsibilities of Professional Practitioner, SENCO, Clinical Play Therapist & Educational Psychologist
> Professional Skills Audit

Fees : £2250

Clinical Play Therapist

This programme is continuing professional development for experienced mental health, social care & education professionals only. Participants complete a three year training programme in Clinical Play Therapy, within a clinical health setting framework. On successful completion, Practitioners are approved to use the designatory letters MNICHED , & have access to a network of specialist membership support services including regular clinical supervision by senior professional members. Exceptional Practitioners who achieve MNICHED status may progress further within their chosen specialist field. These Practitioners are expected to create new models of professional practice.

The Clinical Play Therapist programme is delivered through a unique training partnership within clinical health settings to ensure professional expertise & clinical governance. Modules are tailored to support each participants's specialist field & their chosen professional setting. Fees for the three-year Clinical Play Therapy programme are £4,500 each year.

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